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 Grand Hotel Varna celebrated its 35th anniversary!


Grand Hotel Varna celebrated its 35th anniversary!

Grand Hotel Varna opened doors on April 22nd, 1977 in the first Bulgarian seaside resort “Drujba”, called nowadays St.St. Constantin and Helena. The hotel, built by the world leader in real estates construction and development, Swedish company ABV, is unique for the whole Balkan Peninsula. This is how the legend for the “Swedish” 5 star, 10 floors hotel starts, with its unique architecture and luxurious rooms, apartments and restaurants.

The exclusive location, spacious indoor spaces and the magnificent garden created an image of the hotel as the perfect place for concerts, sport and fashion events, exhibitions, national and international symposiums as well as a high-end place for vacation, beyond the pocket of the average Bulgarian of that time. The hotel became the place for entertainment for Bulgarian as well as international celebrities. Most of the Bulgarian pop-stars have visited the hotel. Raina Kabaivanska, Anna Tomova Sintova, Nicola Ghuyzelev, Lilly Ignatova, and Aneliya Ralenkova along with the “golden” Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team, Hristo Stoichkov and the rest of the “4th in the world” team and the Bulgarian Royal Family are only part of the celebrity guests of Grand Hotel Varna. During their visit in Varna, Tina Turner, Toto Cotugno, Juri Bukov, Valentina Tereshkova, the American poet William Meredith, Franz Beckenbauer and the bundes-team, Bobby Charlton, the world chess champion Anatoly Karpov and many other international stars also choose Grand Hotel Varna. Nowadays Grand Hotel Varna has a new face but remains as much “grand”.

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