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Varna hosts Thracian treasures for the summer 2012


Varna hosts Thracian treasures for the summer 2012

In May Varna Archaeological museum opened an exhibition featuring some of the most outstanding archaeological artefacts found on Bulgarian soil - the Panagiurishte, the Letniza and the Capitan Andreevo treasures. Locals and tourists visiting the Black Sea will have until late summer to admire those unique finds, the treasures then will start on a visit to the Hradcany castle on an invitation by the President of the Check Republic.

Visitors to the Museum will also see the treasure excavated in Varna Halcolite Necropolis – now rearranged and regrouped in a single area.

New exhibits are at display such as the statue of the Holy Virgin Oranta, brought back after 38 years in the National History Museum in Sofia. Together with the Virgin Mary Oranta in the Museum of Byzantine Art in Thessaloniki, they are unique worldwide. The marble equestrian of a Thracian divinity is also new at the Museum and is the second entirely preserved sculpture of the divinity of that size found in Bulgaria.

Numerous guests to the Bulgarian Black Sea are expected to visit the exhibition. In 2011, during its visit to the Bourgas museum, the Thracian treasure was seen by some 150 000 Bulgarian and foreign visitors.

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