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International Hotel Casino&Tower Suites shall host FIS


International Hotel Casino&Tower Suites shall host FIS

In the period June 3-6, 2015 International Hotel Casino&Tower Suites - part of  BT Hotels Collection - shall host 2015 FIS (International Ski Federation) Calendar Conference.

The five stars hotel in Zlatni pasatsi resort will bring together for the event FIS president Gian-Franco Kasper as well as the entire Executive committee of the Federation and some 600 delegates from 80 countries. Among them: presidents of different ski federations and the brightest stars in ski sport. Besides the world ski elite Bulgaria will host some of the leading sports reporters and guests from all over the world.

Hosting the FIS's Spring Conference is a great honor not just for Hotel International and Zlatni Piasatsi resort but for Bulgaria as well. The event is among the most important forums of the ski federation and is the first of such scale to be held in Bulgaria. The right to organize it was awarded to Bulgaria last summer at the Barcelona FIS Congress and International Hotel Casino&Tower Suites was designated as the best suited to stage such a large scale event. Among the undeniable advantages of the hotel is its conference center giving the possibility to hold meetings in ten conference rooms simultaneously. The quality of the services and the readiness of the International hotel  to meet the Calendar conference were inspected last August in person by FIS Secretary General Sarah Louis who rated perfect the hotel and its staff.

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