Our recommendations

Dear guests, our team is ready and delighted to welcome you to a safe and clean hotel environment, operating with the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene. In addition, we are also observing social and physical distancing practices and adhering to the “new normal” during the Covid–19 and post- Covid–19 era. We apologize in advance if the requirements of our new Be Healthy & Stay Active with Bt Hotels Collection!” program, causes delays and/or changes in our regular hotel services.

Please bear in mind that protecting the health of each and every one of us is a shared responsibility. For this reason, we would like to stress the importance of adhering to the safety recommendations below, during your stay with us:

-          Please maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, washing hands regularly and making use of provided hand sanitizer, throughout the hotel premises!

-          Please maintain a reasonable distance from other guests!

-          Please read the Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures on our website and follow the signage posted throughout the hotel!

-          After using single use/disposable packages/consumables, please discard them right away, in the nearest bin!

-          Should you feel a headache, dry cough, weakness or temperature over 37.5С, please contact the Reception desk by calling them on the phone and do not leave your room until you receive further instructions!

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to read the safety measures in place, before your arrival to the hotel and we thank you in advance for your understanding and strict adherence to these guidelines.

Our Employees

All of our employees undergo special training and weekly instructions by our special Covid–19 Response Task Force, on the following topics:

-          virus infection caused by Covid–19 and Mandatory Protection Measures

-          personal safety and guests’ safety;

-          operating procedures – new and amended;

-          sanitizing rules;

-          communication standards– in normal work process, in Covid–19 confirmed cases and in infection presumptive cases; 

-          response and communication rules and procedures if Covid–19 case/s has been detected in the resort.

We keep all our employees updated on the latest changes and additions to the Safety Rules and Procedures based on the anti-epidemic measures undertaken in the country and the other members of the EU.

All employees:

-          undergo health checks at the entrance when arriving to work. Employees displaying temperature over 37.5º С are not allowed in the hotel. If an employee is confirmed to have contracted Covid–19, measures are taken to trace the contacts, isolate and test other employees who are under contamination risk;

-          work with the obligatory protective equipment – face mask or face shield and gloves, where applicable.


A member of the Covid – 19 Response Task Force, who has full knowledge of the sanitation procedures adopted for your safety and protection, is at the disposal of all our guests.

The Hotel

Throughout the hotel premises you will find:

-          appropriate signage reminding guests and staff of the prevention and protection rules and use of protective equipment. Detailed safety and sanitation instructions are also available on the hotel website and the information TV channel in your room;

-          sanitation dispensers are available throughout all common and public spaces for guest use.

Sanitation in guest rooms, public areas, dining premises is done using medically approved products for pathogen protection.

Following the recommendation of the health authorities and our medical consultant we have switched off the HVAC system in the guest rooms. Please air your room regularly by keeping the balcony door(s) open. We advise also to keep the bathroom door open at all times.

In the common areas we are also relying on natural airing and ventilation with some exceptions following the guidelines of the health authorities. All ventilation and A/C filters are disinfected regularly with approved products for pathogen protection.


-          Signage is posted on the floors in front of the Reception desk, to mark waiting areas and to ensure appropriate distancing is maintained at all times.

-          No more than 2 guests at the same time are permitted at the Reception desk, unless they are members of the same family.

-          Upon arrival in the Hotel, please keep in mind that a plastic protective shield is installed to maintain adequate separation between guests and staff, at the Reception desk. We have procedures in place ensuring minimum contact with guests, room card-key, personal ID card and the POS terminal. Any items that you receive from our staff will have been thoroughly sanitized beforehand. Invoices and receipts can only be e-mailed and shall not be issued on paper.

-          For additional consumption in the hotel facilities, please charge the payment to your room number. Room charge is considered the safest form of payment acceptance.


-          Taking into consideration the occupancy of the hotel the guests will be accommodated in rooms as distant as possible from each other.

-          The use of disinfectant solution is mandatory for the room cleaning and sanitation process, at which time the room windows and doors will be kept open, throughout the entire time. Special attention is given to the sanitation of high frequency touch points in the room, the hallway and the bathroom.

-          Once you have checked-in, the room shall not be cleaned on a daily basis and will only be cleaned after your departure. Additional room cleaning can be arranged by special request during your stay and it will be done only when you are not in the room.

-          Room attendants track the sanitation process with a detailed check list and a cleaning schedule, assigned to every room. A log is kept of each cleaning’s time and place, with sign off by the staff person responsible for the task.

-          For hygiene purposes, all small multiple-use items have been removed from the rooms; spare blankets and pillows, decorative accessories, electric machines, tea/coffee jars, water glasses, napkins, paper tissue etc.

-          You can find all information pertaining to our Be Healthy & Stay Active with Bt Hotels Collection!” program on the hotel website and in-room TV info channel (by scanning the QR code on the laminated panel).

Common and public spaces

-          Floor path -Please follow the arrows on the floor, guiding the pathway through the corridors to the lobby, meeting rooms, and other areas of interest, as they manage the entire guest flow of the hotel.

-          Elevators/lifts – Please consult the signage indicating the maximum number of guests allowed into the elevator/lift at any given time. The elevator/lift buttons and panels are sanitized every hour, for your safety. By the elevators/lifts on the ground floor you will find sanitation dispensers for guest use.

-          Sanitation schedule - The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces in accordance with the respective hotel occupancy. Frequent touch points and surfaces such as handrails, desktops and other areas / items are sanitized every hour.

-          Restrooms - The public restrooms are sanitized at least once every hour. The frequent touch points (door handles, hangers, toilet seats, handles, water faucets) are sanitized more often, this is noted and signed, with date and time by the on-duty attendant.  

-          Lobby and all common areas are aired regularly by leaving the doors and windows open during the day as long as possible.

Dining- restaurants

-          Separate entry and exit points for guest flows, have been organized in the restaurants.

-          New layouts have been made by rearranging the tables at a min. distance of 1.5m and no more than 4 people at one table unless they are members of the same family in order to reduce the capacity so as to apply the physical distancing requirements.

-          If needed, a dining timetable will be introduced to ensure adequate distancing measures. Guests will be notified about their dining hours.

Our buffet style dining is organized as follows:

-          plastic shields separating the buffet counters;

-          stickers on the floor indicating the direction of guest flow, entry and exit;

-          upon entering the restaurant all guests will be shown where to disinfect their hands and directed towards the buffet. The waiters will show you the available tables and will monitor the keeping of safe distance.

-          the food will be served by a cook to prevent direct guest contact with the food;

-          the temperature rate of hot cooked food is increased;

-          drinks are served on trolleys by attendants only;

-          for additional consumption in the hotel facilities, please charge the bill to your hotel room. Room charge is considered the safest form of payment acceptance.


-          We have rearranged all the layouts in order to ensure the proper distancing requirements are maintained and to ease the movement of the attending staff.

-          Plastic shields are separating the Bar from the customers, while stickers placed on the floor are indicating – the safe distance to be kept from other guests.

-          Sugar, salt and other condiments will not be freely available on the tables but will be served to you in individual packages, according to the order.

-          Tables and seats will be thoroughly sanitized between guests.

Kids’ clubs and activities

-          The kids’ areas are re-arranged in a new way to guarantee easier deep cleaning and sanitation.

-          At the kids’ clubs only the open-air areas will work in order to ensure that the proper distancing and hygiene requirements are maintained.

-          Please use the separate entry and exit points.

-          The parents/custodians are kindly requested to fill in the statement forms, which will be given to them prior to using the service.

Beaches and pools

-          The water in the swimming pools (including thermal water) is treated following the instructions of the Bulgarian Health Ministry.

-          Sun-shades and beach umbrellas, at the beach or around the pool, shall be spaced at a 5m distance from each other.

-          Chaise chairs and sun-shades will be sanitized between guests/groups.


-          Our security staff will be wearing proper protective equipment (face mask/shield and gloves) and will enforce the obligatory distancing measures, at all times.

-          They have been trained to respond and enforce measures for social distancing. PLEASE FOLLOW AND ABIDE BY THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. Please remember that protecting the health of each and every one one of us, is a shared responsibility.

Updating our Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures

We follow regularly the constantly changing epidemic situation in our country and in the world, as well as the information coming from the WHO and the EU institutions. We are adapting and updating our Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures based on the guidelines from the Bulgarian health authorities, the Bulgarian government and the standards and practices of the other EU member countries. Each and every one of the rules and procedures on our Program Be Healthy & Stay Active with Bt Hotels Collection!” will be updated regularly and we will keep you notified of every change.


Dear guests, we don’t know when this pandemic will be over or when our lives will go back to normal. Meanwhile we will be adhering to the standards of the “new normal”. But we would like you to know that when you decide to travel once again, we will be ready to welcome you back to a safe and clean hotel environment.

Thank you for your loyal support. Please be healthy and stay active.


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